The results of the cooperation of the Active Community team and Staroushytska territorial community.

One of the most successful and practical examples of territorial community cooperation in the context of local residents activation is Active Community cooperation with Khmelnytskyi and Staroushytska territorial community. “Ponyzzia Legends” project was one of such cooperation results. The cooperation with Staroushytska territorial community started with “Community management” and “Participation budget” trainings. During these trainings, participants were encouraged to talk about their community and the problems they would like to address. In addition to trainings, there were several meetings of Active Community regional coordinators Yuliia Mazur and Serhii Tolstikhin in cooperation with Staroushytska territorial community, where they learned about the community’s tourist potential.

The willingness of the community residents to develop tourism to increase the community capacity was multiplied by Yulia and Serhii competences in territorial development area. The main goal of the project is to develop a community tour product. That is, the creation of a whole complex of tourist services that are understandable for them and will meet their needs while traveling. For example, the territorial community, using various instruments (maps, booklets, website, social media) answers the tourists’ questions: what is interesting here (what sightseeing I may visit)? where can I stay at night? what is the community famous for? what can I do here?


A draft of the information-tourist map.

Following the meetings and training, there was created an initiative group of community residents: entrepreneurs, self-government workers, students, representatives of Bakota NGO, and local activists. Now, the initiative group is working on the development of an information-tourist map and comprehensive tourist routes. For example, students, together with their teachers, visited every corner of the community and made a description and photos of these places. The map was mainly made on the basis of their tourist locations insights. Diana Kosteniuk, one of the local students, committed to taking care of the project SMM. She makes a content plan and posts information on the Internet. To ensure sharing information, cooperation with neighborhood territorial communities, in particular with Kytaihorod community, is also planned. Active Community coordinators established the following cooperation steps with Staroushytska community:

  • test tour on the route, making the route track;
  • working with local entrepreneurs and developing a tour plan;
  • determining the interests of tourists and arranging tour programs for them;
  • the first check-in for local activists;
  • making promotion videos and project advertising…

The project was officially presented in Khmelnytskyi at a workshop of all territorial communities of Khmelnitskyi region. The project will also be presented at Kyiv tourist exhibition on March 25-27, 2020.

Note. The all-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” – is an association of people and social movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the framework of the Institute “Respublica”.