The project «Active Community: the right of choice» aims to increase the political education of citizens and involve them in discussions about electoral reform.

Target audience: young people, citizens, elected representatives, political parties (not elected to the Parliament), district election commissions (AAUs), territorial election commissions and media.

Duration: the project started in January and will continue throughout 2017 in 24 cities of Ukraine.

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The urgency stems from the fact that now the citizens do not interact with the government and the authority with citizens. This problem is confirmed by a survey conducted by the Institute and also by sociological explorations of campaigns. Lack of communication leads to the lack of trust in the government, disbelief in the possibility to influence the situation, and it reduces positive change both in communities and the country as a whole.

So, according to the September poll of KIIS, 22.3% of voters decided not to vote, 31.7% – do not know for whom to vote, 5.8% – would cross all party or spoil a ballot paper.

Therefore, the project «Active Community: the right of choice» aims to:

    1. Improve the interaction of citizens with elected officials, political parties and others representatives of local authorities;
    2. Involve Youth to participate in activities of political education, including debates, the organization of such events and the project as a whole;
    3. Form a vision of necessary changes based on a survey of elected officials, party representatives, AAUs to the electoral system; create and transmit to Parliament developments and proposals for changes to the legislation.
    4. Strengthen the influence of the political lumen by the systematically informing citizens about the electoral legislation and the electoral system in Ukraine.
    5. Civilize a political culture in citizens; establish a constructive dialogue between the authorities and the community to address local problems.

Note. The campaign «Active Community: the right of choice» implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) with the financial support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).