Volodymyr Chemerys

The Head of Institute “Respublica”

1991-93 – Chairman of Union of Ukrainian students

1994-98 – MP of Supreme Counсil of Ukraine and Kyiv City Council.

From 1997 –  Founder and Chairman o NGO “Institute Respublica”

2000-01 – Coordinator of the action “Ukraine without Kuchma”

З 2011 – Expert of Ukrainian initiative “For a peaceful protest!”

He prepares lawsuits, appeals and cassation appeals regulations and government actions that restrict freedom of assembly. He also deals with the representation of citizens in the courts whose right to peaceful assembly had been violated. He conducted the case “Shmushkovych against Ukraine” in the European Court of Human Rights.


Phone: 050-380-62-68
E-mail: res-publica1@yandex.ru
Facebook: Volodymyr Chemerys


Oleksandra Skyba

Deputy Head, Project Manager of the Institute

From 2009 – Coach in fundraising, project development, project management;

2009 – 12 – Head of Kyiv City organization branch of “Youth European Movement”;

2012 – 14 – Information Director of NGO “Institute Respublica”;

From 2014 – Founder and chief editor of newspaper “Our news”;

From 2015 -Head of All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community”;

She engaged in the development and implementation of the Institute’s projects. She also supports the external relations of the organization.


Phone: 097-394-32-15
E-mail: Oleksandra.Skyba@gmail.com
Facebook: Oleksandra Skyba


Iulia Zhuryk

The Сhief accountant of Institute

2012 – 2015 – has organized events and communication with representatives of target Institutes audiences;

2015-2016 – Assistant of The chief accountant of the Institute;

From 2016 – the Chief Accountant of the Institute.

Provides financial activities of the project; creates and provides financial, tax, statistical and other reports; provides circulation of resources.


Phone: 098-048-89-47
E-mail: buh.inrespublica@gmail.com | secretariat.zmp@gmail.com
Facebook: Iulia Zhuryk



Vitaliy Hlizhynskyi

Projects Manager of the Institute

2008 – 2009 – Engineer, LLC “Onul-Nika”;

From 2009 – Engineer, State enterprise “Hotel” Ukraine”;

From 2014 – Coordinator of “Active Community” in the Kyiv region;

2014 – Founder and imposer of the newspaper “Our news“;

З 2015 – Сoordinator of the campaign “Follow the money”;

He coordinates the activities of representatives of All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” in the region, the campaign “Follow the money”, promotes communities self-organization in the Kyiv region.


Phone: 068-025-29-21; 066-980-19-86
E-mail: ukrvitua@gmail.com
Facebook: Vitalij Gliginskiy



Lidia Harmash

 Head of Press office of the Institute

2012  – 2015 Journalist, Press office of the Institute of International Relations of NAU;
2013 – 2014  –  Journalist of the magazine “The Aviator” at NAU;
2015  – Internet agency correspondent urgent news “Istochnik.info”;
2015 2016 Press office journalist, interfactional deputy organization of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “Deputatskiy Control”.

2016-2017 р. – Journalist and assistant head of the Press office of the Institute.

From June 2017 – Head of Press office of the Institute


Phone: 050-195-21-24
E-mail: l.harmashyk@gmail.com
Fb: Lidia Harmash

Oleksandr Zhuryk

Database Administrator of Institute

2007- 2012 – computer systems engineer in call-center;
From 2016 – Database Administrator of Institute.

Develops and administers the database, advising coordinators of Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” on the database.


Phone: 098-905-81-47
E-mail: sashazh21@gmail.com
Fb: Oleksandr Zhuryk


Kyrylo Chekhman

Office Manager of the Institute

2nd year Student of the National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Dragomanov, Faculty of Political Science and Law, Department of Political Sciences.

From March 2018 – Office Manager of the Institute “Respublica”


Phone: 093-365-27-95
E-mail: kirill.cheh.man@gmail.com
Fb: Kyrylo Chekhman



Dina  Morunko
Project manager assistant of “Active Community”

2012 – 14 – Head of Kyiv City organization branch of “Youth European Movement”;

From 2014 – works in the ICF “International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine”;

From 2015 – Project manager assistant of “Active Community”;

Leads analyst reports of “Active Community”, communicate with project’s partners, makes translations.


Phone: 096-737-82-93
E-mail: marunkodin@rambler.ru
Facebook: Dina Morunko



Mykola Yatskov
Lawyer of the Institute

2004 – 2006 – Consultant of Legal Clinic “Alternative”;

2004 – 2006 – Legal Consultant of  Transcarpathian regional center of social and vocational rehabilitation and vocational guidance “Choice”;

From 2005 –Manager of Carpathian Agency of Human Rights “Vested”;

From 2015 – Coordinator of “Active Community” in Uzhgorod;

From 2015 – Lawyer of NGO “Institute Respublica”.


Phone: 095-832-32-47
E-mail: yatskoff@gmail.com
Facebook: Mykola Yatskov