National campaign “Roadmap for government!”

The project is co-implemented by “Active Community” initiative on the voluntary basis. The campaign was launched in September 2015 and is still in progress.

The goal is to promote cooperation between the authorities and the community for the development of towns and villages in Ukraine. During the campaign, coordinators united local residents to form their roadmap for local authorities. They advocate the implementation of the roadmap by politicians. Now the campaign coordinators are directly involved in the implementation of roadmaps in their cities and monitor their performance.

Typical requirements in the roadmaps:

Changing of the approaches to the management of local government. The introduction of budget participation,  the adoption of the elements of electronic democracy, adherence to standards of good governance, the adoption of the necessary legislation at the local level (statutes, rules, regulations, etc.).

Addressing infrastructure and utilities issues. Providing environmentally friendly and energy efficient environments (the development of green energy programs, sorting, and processing of raw materials, the development of bicycle infrastructure etc.)

Responding to the challenges of social services. Comprehensive assistance to the ATO veterans and IDPs, the development of new systems of education and culture etc.

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During the first year of program implementation in 10 communities, the authorities have fully fulfilled 26% points of the roadmap; 29% are in progress, 45% – postponed. The worst result is Zinkiv (15 of 17 points – postponed). The highest performance is in Vinnitsa and Ternopil, followed by Uzhgorod, Dobropillia and Skadovsk. Activists await the complete implementation of the roadmaps by the end of the term of local councils elected in 2015.

Conclusions and future plans

In general, the campaign was very successful. During the year, the campaign was repeatedly mentioned by coordinators in their reports as one of the effective instruments to influence the authorities.

The success of “Roadmap for the government” shows once residents unite and start the healthy dialogue with the authorities it assists in faster solving of the problems in the city. The Institute plans to continue to monitor the implementation of roadmap set by residents and involve activists in developing decisions jointly with the authorities.

Project Manager: Oleksandra Skyba – Deputy head, Project Manager Institute “Respublica”