Project: Monitoring of implementation of lustration legislation in Ukraine

Goal: Strengthening the public confidence in the process of testing and lustration

Duration: 1.07.2015-31.05.2016

Institute developed the methodology of  monitoring the implementation of the lustration legislation including the Ministry of Justice, Government, President Administration, Temporary Special Commision on judges audit, High Council of Justice, the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, Ukraine’s national security agencies, local authorities and courts of all instances.

Based on this methodology during the year the monitoring was conducted and then the monitoring report was prepared and printed. In order to gather information for monitoring Institute sent 892 informational reports to the above mentioned authorities to gather information about the implementation of lustration processes. Institute also conducted 5 round tables to present the results of monitoring among NGOs, national and local authorities, journalists etc. 15 forums and 6 inter-regional trainings to clarify the approaches to monitoring in lustration for community activists, coordinators of the Initiative For the Peaceful protest, and other organizations involved in the lustration processes.


The Institute also monitored the candidates for the posts of heads of local councils during elections and identified 47 candidates as those who were lustrated.

The trainings were conducted by Artem Amelchenko, project manager. Volodymyr Chemerys, human rights activist and the head of the Institute; Kateryna Smirnova, attorney, ex-member of Temporary Commision on judges audit of general jurisdiction and others.

All activities of the Institute Respublica were covered in media. The publications were containing the information on monitoring data of Ukraine in general and in regions. Several property investigations of officials who have been found non declared and actual assets were published.