Етичні кодекси 1

The campaign aims to create a mechanism to prevent corruption by implementing ethical codes and establishment of ethical commissions by local governments in four pilot regions: Vynnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Zakarpattya and Chernihiv.

Urban and regional local governments remain one of the most closed and unreliable authorities in Ukraine. Their basic regulations don’t often correspond to the current anti-corruption legislation. Activities of local officials are accompanied with corruption risks. This appears in a “conflict of interest”, “not accountability to the community” etc. Cases concerning abuse of power, impact on business for unlawful profit or illegal lobbying of authorities own interests appear more often. However, the real mechanisms of control over the actions of officials, except public, actually, don’t exist.

World practice shows that one of methods of combating corruption is to introduce codes of ethics and compliance of these norms by officials.

The purposes of the campaign:

1. To increase awareness of citizens and local authorities on methods and tools to prevent corruption.

2.To develop and promote mechanisms to prevent conflicts of interest among local governments.

3. To improve cooperation between community, civic organizations and public authorities to counter corruption at various levels.

Note. The campaign for the implementation of ethical codes and the creation of ethical committees by local authorities is implemented by Institute “Respublika” and Center “Eidos” in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and is funded by the Government of Canada.