Народний театр

Socio-political theatre is a theatre of rapid reaction that tells about the sharp turns in politics and society. The goal is to achieve the mutual understanding in the society in a post-conflict phase.

Institute started to use this method in 2014 involving the IDPs, local residents and authorities of the project cities. During 2014-2015 two performances were conducted Tree of life (Kyiv), Grey zone (Zaporizhzhia).

In 2016, we organized 3  documental performances There is no democracy here in Uzhhorod, Horishni Plavni and Mariupol. The name of performance are the words that one of the characters heard from the public servant.

In every part of the performance actors showed the real stories from the life of IDPs. The spectators take part directly in the performance as well. They drew the image of democracy. The engagement through art defined the problems and your enemy, which is not only war but own indifference, the position of neutrality and fear.

Playwrights Yana and Den Hymenny set a goal for themselves to tell the people frank stories and make them open their thoughts. And it worked, people started the frank discussions that made everybody to think about how he lives and what’s needed to be changed.

Future plans

In 2017, the Institute together with PostPlay theatre plans to continue the staging with the aim of engaging the IDPs, authorities and citizens. The aim is to highlight relevant issues, and put them on the agenda. Such a form helps to involve different representative of the community during and after the performance. It assists the improvement of the dialogue between different social groups and encourages them to action.


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Анонс-Вам тут не демократія

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