What should the Uzhgorod tourist logo look like?

To give the city new life, it is not necessary to build multi-storey buildings and create millions of jobs. It’s much easier. Just think about the brand of the city: the logo and slogan. In today’s world, cities, like humans, compete with each other. Therefore, creating a unique image of the city, transmitted through the logo, will help to attract tourists, increase awareness and demonstrate the uniqueness of the area. For example, for some Uzhgorod is the city where the sakura blossoms are most beautiful, for others – where there are many mini-sculptures, and for some – the city where the best coffee is made in the country. And what do you associate with Uzhgorod?

A competition for developing concepts of the Uzhgorod tourist logo and slogan has recently been announced. Out of 12 submitted proposals, the city council competition committee selected 5 finalists.

Now is the time for Uzhgorod citizens to express their opinion and to choose the best concept of tourist logo for their hometown.

Therefore, we invite everyone to join the public consultation, which will last until March 30, 2020.

“Choose the concept the tourist logo of Uzhgorod” from the 5 suggested options.

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You can make a choice using the resource “Your opinion” at the link or by sending an SMS (cost – at the rates of each operator) to the number +38 (093) 177-00-35 of the following content: “1062 space and the number of the selected option”.

The results of the public consultation will form the basis for the decision of the Uzhgorod City Council on the tourist logo and further development of the tourist potential of the city.

Public consultation is a process of communication between local governments and citizens (all stakeholders) through which both parties become aware of different perspectives and proposals. It is a tool that enables citizens to influence the content of decisions made by local governments.

Note. The all-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” – is an association of people and social movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the framework of the Institute “Respublica”.