AI “Active Community” of the Institute “Respublica” invites you to participate in a short story competition about your own success in promoting the development of your cities and communities.

In the information society, online tools have become commonplace for both personal communication and daily work. To demonstrate that working and studying online is not as scary as it seems, we are announcing a competition where everyone can share their own experience using online methods – e-petitions, participation budgets, public consultations, Facebook information campaigns and more. Success stories are most inspiring, motivating and convincing that anything is possible! And even during quarantine, we can make our cities and communities better.

Therefore, we invite everyone to tell their story of successful use of online methods of influence in their city, town, village. You can tell about trainings in online format, actions in support of an event, public discussions / consultations, webinars and more.

We ask participants of the competition to build a story using the following algorithm:

  • Who you are? Do you have a team? What are your values? Introduce yourself and your team that unites you, what values move you forward;
  • What was your challenge? What obstacles stood in your way? Provide a general description of the situation, problems in your community;
  • What result did you seek? What future have you dreamed of? What did they do to solve the problem / challenge? Describe how you were able to resolve the problem using online tools;
  • What choice did you have? Why did you decide to actively fight for community development? What results have you achieved?
  • Your opinion and appeal to other citizens who are in the process of choosing – to be active or to leave the problem unattended.

Як онлайн інструменти допомогли мені розвивати мою громаду

How to participate in the competition?

To participate in the competition, you need to send an article on “How online tools have helped me grow my community” by mail to and fill out a short self-presentation form.

The materials are expected in the format: essay (PDF-document, up to 3 pages, 14 Times New Roman font) or video (2-3 minutes).

Deadline: April 3, 2020.

The results of the competition will be announced on April 13, 2020.

The authors of the top three works will receive gifts – diaries, cups, calendars and books. As well as your works will be published on the website of the Institute “Respublica” and in the newspaper “Nashi Visti”.

Evaluation criteria:

  • completeness of disclosure of a theme;
  • sequence;
  • creativity;
  • innovation;
  • correctness and purity of language.

Note. Mission of the AI “Active Community” : to achieve prosperity through democratic development of Ukrainian communities. Aim for 2025: activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and reform in Ukraine on a systematic basis for well-being in Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created within the activity of the Institute “Respublica”. We work to increase the conscious activity of citizens.