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Вебінар: «Як публічні консультації бережуть гроші громади»

Публічні консультації – це процес, який дозволяє громадянам впливати на рішення, які їх стосуються. Його основними цілями є підвищення ефективності, прозорість і громадське залучення до масштабних проектів громади, або законів та політик. Вони є невід’ємною частиною повноцінного формування державної політики і тому процес…

NUS reform: “A new standard for basic education”

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with the National Democratic Institute and the Institute “Respublica” are launching a series of public consultations.

Results of the eleventh public consultation in Uzhgorod

Most participants in the public consultation do not support changes in the organization of traffic and pedestrian traffic in Koryatovych Square.

Lubomyra Mandziy about public consultations on preschool education

Results of an online conversation with Acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lubomyra Mandziy.

Results of the public consultation which has lasted to 1st of April in Khmelnytskyi

The residents of Khmelnytskyi have decided whether they need additional pay attractions in the T. Shevchenko Park.

Results of the public consultation in Uzhgorod

What do the residents of Uzhgorod think about the construction of a parking lot on the Poshtova Square?

Uzhgorod residents will choose the tourist logo of their city

A public consultation on the tourist logo of the city has started in Uzhgorod.

Public consultations were held on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine

During the period 27.02 – 4.03 public consultations were held on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.

An expert discussion of the need to reform the pension system

On February 20, a public consultation was held in the format of expert discussion on pension reform.

News Digest from All-Ukrainian Initiative «Active Community»

News, pieces of advice and success stories from the All-Ukrainian Initiative «Active Community» for the period 01.02.2020 – 29.02.2020