Kharkiv residents have learned how citizens can influence on the decision-making.

On March 22th, the communication coordinator of AI “Active Community” in Kharkiv Elizabeth Kuritsyna conducted an online club of “Active Community” on the topic “Citizens’ influence on decision-making”. It was attended by about 15 participants from Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, including community activists, journalists and teachers. This is the second Club in the format of the webinar for the Kharkiv team AI “Active Community”. It was broadcast live on the regional team’s Facebook page. Of course, everyone of us missing the lively communication and discussions during the trainings. However, the advantage of online activities is that participants can join them from anywhere in Ukraine, at a convenient time.

During the webinar, participants discussed the steps of implementing a social initiative: from problem formulation to actions to solve it. In general, any decision-making process can be constructed using the following algorithm:

  • find like-minded people;
  • identify the responsible competent authority or person;
  • identify who controls / influences this competent authority;
  • to determine whether there was a violation of the law and to formulate an action plan;
  • involve the media, NGOs.

The participants learned about tools that help influence on the decision-making. These include appeals, requests, personal receptions of deputies, public consultations, negotiations with the budget commission and petitions. The viewers of webinar had not used such tools yet, so Elizabeth Kuritsyna promised to tell them about this tools in more detail next time. And especially about those that can be used online, even during quarantine, such as e-petitions.

харків, вплив

Note. Mission of the AI “Active Community”: to achieve prosperity through democratic development of Ukrainian communities. Aim for 2025: activate and involvement at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and reform in Ukraine on a systematic basis for well-being in Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created within the activity of the Institute “Respublica”. We work to increase the conscious activity of citizens.