A public consultation on the concept of the tourist logo of the city has ended in Uzhgorod.

For some Uzhgorod is a homeland of the most beautiful sakura blossoming, for others is a city with many mini-sculptures, and for some – the city where the best coffee in the country is made. And what do you associate Uzhgorod with? A competition for developing concepts of the Uzhgorod tourist logo and slogan has recently been announced. Out of 12 submitted proposals, the city council competition committee selected 5 finalists.

After that Uzhgorod City Council initiated a public consultation to find out the opinion of the city residents on this issue. The residents of Uzhgorod answering the question: “Choose the concept the tourist logo of Uzhgorod” could choose only one answer from the 5 suggested options. The public consultation started on March 12th and lasted until March 31st. During this time, 1218 local residents joined the discussion. Everyone was able to express their opinion by sending sms or using the system “Your opinion”.

As results, the thoughts of the participants were distributed as follows:

1.) Option №1 – 4,9% (60) participants in the discussion;

2.) Option №2 – 30,9% (376) participants in the discussion;

3.) Option №3 – 51,8% (631) participants in the discussion;

4.) Option №4 – 4,5% (55) participants in the discussion;

5.) Option №5 – 7,9% (96) participants in the discussion.

As we can see the most support was received by the 3 variants of the concept of the tourist logo, namely 631 votes of the residents of Uzhgorod, who participated in the discussed. The results of the public consultation will be the basis for choosing the concept of the tourist logo of Uzhgorod.


Public consultation is a process of communication between local governments and citizens (all stakeholders) through which both parties become aware of different perspectives and proposals. It is a tool that enables citizens to influence the content of decisions made by local governments.

Note. Mission of the AI “Active Community”: to achieve prosperity through democratic development of Ukrainian communities. Aim for 2025: activate and involvement at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and reform in Ukraine on a systematic basis for well-being in Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created within the activity of the Institute “Respublica”. We work to increase the conscious activity of citizens.