Since February, the Active Community team has been providing trainings for residents of united territorial communities.

Dmytro Chernyshov, Active Community regional coordinator in Dnipro held Community Management training at Slobozhanske territorial community. The heads of the divisions of the village council, as well as representatives of communal establishments and public organizations of Slobozhanske settlement gathered for the village council training. At first, “What is community” interactive activity was arranged.

Дніпро, Як управляє громада

Dmytro Chernyshov, Active Community regional coordinator in Dnipro.

The participants told why they love Slobozhanske and painted their native community. It is noteworthy that all participants see the community as an organic component of many elements, each of which is important. The community means residents, utilities, various institutions, public associations, condominiums, businesses, and local governments. Dmytro Chernyshov spoke about how decisions are made in the community, what powers the village mayor and deputies have and what the budget of the community is. Also, participants learned how they may influence community decisions.


On February 27, more than 20 active residents of Irshava territorial community willing to get quality change in their community learned what the community budget is, how it is being filled and how it can be controlled. It is significant that most participants wanted to learn how local residents may influence local territorial community budget. After the discussion, some participants even chose instruments they are going to use. Qualitative change in communities is implemented if citizens control local governments. Hanna Melehanych, Active Community communication coordinator in Zakarpattia told the participants about the local budget revenues, what the community funds and what must be funded by the national budget. For example, new-born payments and subsidies are funded with the national budget funds, but Administrative Service Centers, community centers, libraries, and parks get funds from the community budgets.

іршава бюджет

The participants of the training about the community budget (Zakarpattia).

Participants could think about ways to fill the local budget. To do that, the trainer divided them into three groups: one of them acted as community head, the other group was a local council deputies, and the third group acted as local residents. All of them had the same tasks: to think up and write down how they could fill the budget within the scope of their roles and functions. After the activity, participants talked about the initiatives they would like to implement, thought about how to implement them, what they needed, and what challenges might arise. According to the trainer, there were many environmental initiatives, construction of a waste processing plant, joint cleaning, tree planting.  And it is quite possible that thanks to the participants of this training, a cinema, swimming pool, school bus or a refinery will appear in the territorial community.

Note. The all-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” – is an association of people and social movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the framework of the Institute “Respublica”.