Fitness centre, blogging school, centres of development and interaction. All successful initiatives of Volnovakha district

The experience of Active Community coordinators from all over Ukraine shows that our country can change for the better with the help of active citizens. That is why the goal of All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” is to involve as many Ukrainians as possible in activism, in particular locally (on the ground). In the centres of our organization, 2020 year was rich in various initiatives from active residents of communities. A large number of projects were implemented in the Donetsk region, so we are sharing the success of the activists from Volnovakha district!

The initiative groups set themselves solid goals aimed to improve the lives of community residents. Let’s consider them:

● The goals in the urban village Novotroitske were:

1. to organize leisure for women (to open a fitness centre);

2. to establish a game room and blogging schools.

● The goals in the urban village Volodymyrivka were:

1. to establish a space for development;

2. to create a group on political education.

●The goal in the village of Andriyivka was to create a public space –a centre of interaction.

● The goal in the village Vilne was to create a youth centre.

Is it possible to create such centres at the initiative of citizens? Yana Tvereza, coordinator of All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” in Volnovakha, answers that it is possible, but notes that a 100% result can be provided in the interaction with the authorities and local entrepreneurs.

Most of the initiatives have been successfully implemented and will continue to develop. Let’s talk about the results of activists’ work and interaction with business and government.

urban village Novotroitske:

● Fitness centre has been working for a year! The women won a grant and used the money to buy the necessary equipment. The project involved government officials who have allocated premises, as well as journalists, who launched an information campaign.

● Grant support was given to the blogging school initiative group. It also won the game“World of Communities”. The project was implemented only by active citizens.

urban village Volodymyrivka:

● Local authorities have allocated premises for development. The women involved in the initiative took special courses from the National Democratic Institute. Educators joined the project planning.

● A political education group set up by activists attends village council meetings to raise the important for residents issues (for example, land rent rates).

● But it is a bit more complicatedwith the youth centre in the village Vilne and the centre of interaction in the village Andriyivka.

The advocacy campaign of the youth centre lasted a whole year. Thanks to the information wave, it is known about the small villagewith up to 900 people even outside the Volnovakha district. The project was actively promoted by OlenaKonyushok, who is currently the head of the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports of Khlibodariv community, and Svitlana Fomenko, director of the House of Culture in Vilne.

The interaction centre in Andriyivka has not been established yet. We hope that the public initiative will be supported by the authorities,so the villagers will get a high-quality public space.

Activists are creating great projects and directing Ukraine towards sustainable development.

“Active citizens who want to spend their time and energy on community development for free are a real jackpot for the community!”–says YanaTvereza.

Note. All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” is a gathering of people and social movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the activities of the “Institute Respublica”.

Author: Diana Delurman, manager of work with social networks of All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community”