In Khmelnitsky, the discussion of the mandatory locations of the Third Educational Ideas Factory was completed.

On August 15, a public consultation in the Khmelnytskyi city ended. Residents of the city have identified locations that must be introdused to the Third Educational Ideas Factory. The consultation continued from 11th July to 15 th August. During this time, 488 residents of the city joined the discussion through the online platform “Your Opinion”.

We remind you that the public consultation was organized by AI “Active Community” together with the Department of Education and Science of Khmelnytskyi City Council. We decided to consult with the residents of the city specifically before the beginning of the school year. This will help the local government to make decisions based on people’s opinions and creatively start learning.

It was necessary to answer the question: “What locations are required at the Third Educational Ideas Factory.

There were 5 possible answers:

  • master classes in vocal and choreography;
  • with physical activity;
  • with innovations in the educational process;
  • with experiments / experiments;
  • workshops for the development of creativity.

As the results show, most residents of the city want to see a location with innovations in the educational process at the Third Educational Ideas Factory. However, the gap between first, second and third place is quite small, with just a few votes. The results of the public consultation will be put to the discussion during the decision by the local authority.68911790_446719135917175_1250243058352521216_n

The voices were very interesting. It does not have an option that sharply erupts in the lead, or an option that gets very few votes. That is, all variants are interesting for the people and each location has its supporters. This is encouraging because it means that the Factory has a wide circle of participants. Still, the third option – locations with innovations in the educational process – won. A press conference will be held next week following the results of a public consultation, at which we will present the results of the vote. And representatives of the Department of Education will announce the holding of the Third Educational Ideas Factory. Thank you to everyone who joined the discussion and expressed their thoughts! – says regional coordinator of AI “Active Community” Julia Mazur.

For more information, please contact the regional coordinator of the Republic Institute, Yulia Mazur, at +38 (097) 226 31 89.

Public consultation is an instrument of direct democracy through which the government receives information from citizens about how they see a solution to a particular socially important issue.

Note. The all-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” – is an association of people and social movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the framework of the Institute “Respublica”. The project “Roadmap for Government” is being implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute of International Relations.