We talk about public consultations and establishing cooperation in Zaporizhzhia region.

On September 6, a public consultation training was held in Orikhiv, organized within the “Strengthening Democratic Governance” project (NGO STEP) and the “Roadmap for Government” project (Institute Respublica).

Training is in high demand among local authorities. They have a huge request for mastering a simple and accessible method of building a public dialogue was received. The participants of the training intend to use the opinion of the city residents in making important decisions.

Тренінг Оріхів, АГ

Authorities plan to involve the townspeople in the development of the project of reconstruction of Soborna Square through public consultations. It is located in the heart of Orikhov and should become an open, modern and comfortable public space.

During the training, participants considered possible forms of public consultation. Olesia Lapikova, Coach and Coordinator of All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community”, informed about online and offline formats, their features and the feasibility of conducting according to topics. She also presented the experience of introducing such an instrument of participation in Zaporizhzhia and other cities of Ukraine. The trainer presented the “Your Thought” resource, through which 50 electronic public consultations were held in more than 20 cities.


– It was a pleasure to work with the participants and to see their interest in this topic. I think this training will be the first step to using public consultations in Orikhov. The positive experience of consulting in other cities of Ukraine will become an incentive to start this process. After all, participants often stated that residents did not support local government initiatives. And public consultations not only help to hear the opinion of the community, but also make a decision that is supported by the majority. The dialogue between the authorities and the comunity is very important and public consultations are a great tool for establishing such a dialogue, – says Olesia Lapikova.

Тренінг Оріхів, Олеся Лапікова

According to Olesya Lapikova, the participants of the training noted the high readiness of the leadership of the Orikhiv community to seek new forms of work with the general public. Among the pressing problems and challenges, they called inertia of the population, skepticism and unwillingness to engage in any activities proposed by the authorities. Therefore, brainstorming on creative means of engaging citizens and using non-standard forms of gathering and disseminating information became part of the event.

Тренінг в м.Оріхів, АГ

The Zaporizhzhya team of  “Active Community” looks forward to furthering cooperation with the local authorities and the community of Orikhiv.

– We wish the city of Orikhiv great success in the field of civil society development and uniting people for the development of the city. We are sure that the knowledge gained during the training will help to keep an open dialogue between the authorities and the community of the city, – Olesya summed up.

Notes. The All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” is an amalgamation of people and grassroots movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the activity of the Institute Respublica and operates in 30 cities of Ukraine.

Note. The training was held within the “Roadmap for Government” project, supported by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).