The comic book – statue is primarily aimed at schoolchildren and students who do not enjoy reading voluminous documents.

The first part of the publication of the manga style comic “Statute of Khmelnytskyi” was presented on February. Over its creation, the authors of the project worked for two months. As noted by the project manager, project manager of the Agency for Sustainable Development Anastasia Pidganyuk, the idea to make such a statute in comic books arose a year ago.

“We maximally reduced the text in our charter to make it easy for children to perceive. They provided information in the form of dialogues, created interesting characters to interest the youth. Japanese comics are now popular among young people,” – Anastasia said.

Хмельницький АГ

Illustrations in a comic painted by two artists. The characters were created by Khmelnytskyi artist Tais Yanevich, and Diana Korniy, a Kamyanets-Podilsky artist, placed them in our city.

“Why the idea to create a statute in comics? The statute is one of the main documents of the city. If you take the entire statute – it’s a rather massive document. For an ordinary teenager, he is too complicated. Therefore, we decided to choose the main points from it. We took the information when our city, which has its twin cities, formed our symbols. Specially selected instruments of public participation “, – added the coordinator of the All-Ukrainian initiative” Active Community “in Khmelnytskyi Julia Mazur.

Хмельницький АГ 1

Khmelnytsky schoolchildren and students will receive the publication. “We organize competitions-quiz” Our city “in order to interest schoolchildren. There we will hand over these statutes to them. Some copies will be sent to the city council so that they will pass on to the graduates “, – says Anastasia Pidhanniuk.

According to the organizers, the creative group ceases its activities. In the future, the activists will again hold interesting events for students, schoolchildren, young people who directly distribute the printed comic book. On the Facebook page – you can find the “Statute of Khmelnitsky” in Manga comics in the online format. To receive a PDF file, refer to private messages. And if you want to receive a printed copy – you will be welcome in the premises of the State Agency “ASTAR “.

Хмельницький АГ 2

The project was implemented with the support of the “Active Community” from the Institute “Respublica” and the National Democratic Institute (NDI).