Public consultations – one of the areas of work within the project «Roadmap for Government»

As of February 2019, the «Active Community» team, together with city councils, launched 36 public consultations in 20 cities (2018 – 34). (Poltava – 1, Drohobych – 5, Dobropillya – 3, Yuzhne – 1, Zinkiv – 1, Uzhgorod – 6, Sumy – 1, Lviv – 2, Skadovsk – 1, Kamyanets – Podilskyi – 2, Zhytomyr – 1, Kropyvnytskyi – 3, Khmelnytskyi – 1, Odessa – 1, Bar – 1, Cherkassy – 1, Chernivtsi – 2, Zhmerynka – 1, Zaporizhzhya – 1, Rubizhne – 1).
Over 19,650 people took part in the consultation. Memorandums of cooperation were signed in 22 cities in different parts of Ukraine:
Drohobych, Poltava, Dobropillya, Uzhgorod, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy, Zaporizhzhya, Zhytomyr, Skadovsk, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Lviv, Rivne, Poltava regional council, Yuzhne, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zhmerynka, Bar, Znamianka, Kropyvnytskyi, Odessa Oblast State Administration, Chernivtsi.

February ZKV (3)

  • 22 – Memorandums of cooperation signed with representatives of local authorities.
  • 36 – Public consultations launched in the cities of “active community” activity.
  • 30 – Project cities where public consultations and public reporting of city mayors were implemented.
  • 19650 – More than 19650 people took part in public consultations during 2018.

We are often asked, and what’s next? – We are telling that life after public consultations continue.

So, in Cherkasy, the community decided the fate of one of the city fairs. There were disputes around this issue for more than one year. So it was taken to the community discussion. The results of the first public consultation will be taken into account by the executive committee when making a decision at the Cherkasy City Council session. Also, in the 2019 budget, they put money on the territory of the fair.

A public consultation was held in Uzhgorod concerning the expediency of planting young trees on the Kiev Quay. The city authorities met with the dendrologists of the Department of Botany of UzhNU and the community. As a result, in November 2018, the landing of young ginkgo biloba trees was organized.

Uzhgorod citizens, during the third PC, offered to discuss alternative variants of the scheme of arrangement of bards on the street Sobranetska. Even during the public consultation, communal services saw the demand from citizens for the arrangement of the street by the mourners. So, a week before the completion of the PC, the street was equipped with concrete half-spheres.

Мер Ужгорода, ПК 2

Not more than a month after the public consultation ended, as the Uzhgorod authorities realized another desire of the ditches – on the renewed Petofi square there were young seedlings of an amber tree. It is for this variant of the trees to vote in Uzhgorod.

In Drohobych townships have chosen a city slogan. The option “Drohobych – in it all the salt!” Has collected the largest number of votes from citizens. The authorities supported the idea and already before Easter, this slogan was actively used in information and printing materials and during public appearances.

ПК Житомир АГ (1)The community of Zhytomyr has been involved in discussing the reconstruction of the pedestrian crossing on Peace Avenue. Deputies of Zhytomyr city council made a decision on repairing underground passage. Considered the high accident rate in this area and the cost of repair. And during the project implementation it was possible to implement both options for solving the problem with the underground passage: made both underground and terrestrial.

During the first public consultation in Kropyvnytskyi, the problem of the reconstruction of parks was discussed. As a result, 58.9% of citizens expressed their support for the reconstruction of Kovalevsky Park. The issue of outdoor children’s sandboxes was considered at the second public discussion. The community supported the installation of new designs with a cover.

For discussion in Khmelnitsky was raised the question of the arrangement of a playground for animals. The results of the public discussion will be taken into account by the authorities for further decision-making.

An analysis of public consultations has shown that this is an effective tool for establishing a constructive dialogue between the government and citizens. Authorities receive reliable information about a socially important problem, and the community feels involved with its decision.

Read more about completed public consultations in the section – PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS.
Public consultations are a simple and affordable tool for the government to receive from citizens information about how they see a solution to a particular socially important issue. It is put on a general discussion, every citizen can speak and influence the final decision.

Benefits for the authorities:

  • A simple and accessible method to find out the views of citizens
  • Making decisions that the community supports
  • An indicator of openness and readiness to take into account the interests of citizens
  • Ability to increase confidence in the authorities

The benefits to the public:

  • Participation in decision-making at the local level
  • Ability to express your opinion and get the result
  • An effective method of influencing city authorities’ decisions on city development
  • Building a constructive dialogue with the authorities

Let’s remind, that the long-term project «Roadmap for Government» is realized in 30 cities in the part of the organization of public consultations. Among them – 18 regional centers and 12 small cities. In the part of promoting public reporting of city mayors, the Institute performs in 12 small and 1 regional center. The project is being implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
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