At the end of October, the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” of the Institute “Respublica” launched a campaign to gather 10 thousand signatures. As of November 1, 1116 signatures have already been gathered. 

The activists developed a petition to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the requirement of inevitability of punishment for bribery of voters. In such a way, the Institute wants to improve the quality of the election process, in particular, to facilitate the introduction of changes to the electoral legislation by the VRU for the purposes of the inevitability of punishment.

After all, today only in individual cases, those who violated the law were brought to justice. For example, in off-year elections in 2014 to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, according to information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4069 alleged violation reports were registered about breach of electoral legislation, 131 of them related to bribery of voters. As a result, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, during 2014, 501 criminal proceedings were initiated for violating the electoral rights of citizens, of which 215 were closed. As regards remaining 194 – no decisions were taken by the end of the reporting period of the current year.

This situation only leads to a decrease in confidence in democratic institutions and a decrease in the quality of politics in general.

In order to create effective incentives for compliance with fair rules of struggle by the candidates in the elections and respect for the requirements of electoral legislation. And also with the aim of increasing confidence in the authorities, in particular the elective bodies, it is required:

  • of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – to provide for effective punishment for all breaches of electoral legislation and criminal liability for indirect bribing of voters – conducting pre-election campaign, accompanied by free or preferential provision of works, goods and services to voters; create an effective and efficient mechanism for ensuring the inevitability of punishment for indirect bribing of voters.
  • of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – to ensure effective disclosure and investigation of election and other election-related violations, as well as to bring to justice all violators of the requirements of the electoral law without exception.

We invite indifferent and active citizens to contribute to affixing signatures. For this you should contact the representative of the “Active Community” in your city.

Contacts: regional representative offices