AI “Active Community” held an all-ukrainian action in the format of a quiz for the April Fools’ Day.

The team of the Institute “Respublica” always conducts all-Ukrainian actions to draw attention to important state events or holidays. This year we chose the quiz format for the action and of course we conducted it online. On April 1st, the regional coordinators of AI “Active Community”, in a live broadcast on the Facebook, held the quiz “Truth vs Lies”.

The participants had to listen to the coordinator’s statement and write only one word “True” or “False” in 10 seconds. The statements were not complicated. It helped the participants to recall information from the history of Ukraine, the sphere of self-government and just think of interesting facts.

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Here are some examples of statements:

  • Today, in the Verkhovna Rada of the IXth convocation there are 20.5% of women’s deputies (Truth);
  • Constitution Day is celebrated on June 23rd (Lies. June 28th);
  • In 2019, the UK Government held 585 public consultations with citizens (Truth);
  • According to a survey by the Democratic Initiatives Fund for 2019, more than a quarter of Ukraine’s population (25%) is involved in public activity (Lies. Unfortunately, only 7.5% of citizens);
  • Local self-government is a right of a territorial community (residents of a village, settlement, city) to independently resolve issues of local importance (Truth);
  • MP can reduce tariffs for the population. (Lies. Utility tariffs are approved not by the people’s deputies, but by the executive power: the Cabinet of Ministers, regional and local administrations).

In total, there were 15 statements. After the quiz was completed, the coordinators immediately calculated the number of correct answers of each participant and determined the winners! The all-ukrainian action helped everyone to get away from the negative news, learn useful information and creatively celebrate the April Fools’ Day.

Congratulations to the winners and thank to everyone who took part in the quiz.

Note. Mission of the AI “Active Community”: to achieve prosperity through democratic development of Ukrainian communities. Aim for 2025: activate and involvement at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and reform in Ukraine on a systematic basis for well-being in Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created within the activity of the Institute “Respublica”. We work to increase the conscious activity of citizens.