Did you know that Zhmerynka station is over 100 years old? It is an architectural monument that was restored at the initiative and advocacy of public activists more than 10 years ago.

Moreover, you can visit the Zhmerynka City History Museum and see the works of Mykhailo Masliuk, Distinguished Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The artist shoed a flea, and tied its legs with a gold rope, and closed it with a tiny lock. He also created a train 20 million times smaller than a poppy seed!

Did you know Anton Turchanovych managed to feed all armies in the world? – He invented and patented the field kitchen.

There is more to it! A lot of involved citizens, “Active Community” representatives in particular, live in Zhmerynka and we are ready to share their achievements in 2020 with you.

So, what are the “Active Community” outputs in Zhmerynka in 2020?

“Active Community” representatives in Zhmerynka, together with initiative group, managed to form a Youth Council.

In the last few months alone, at the initiative of the Zhmerynka Youth Council:

On February 8, 2021, the Zhmerynka Center for Educational and Cultural Space was opened.

On March 27, a large-scale action dedicated to Earth Day was held.

On April 11, 2021, an action was held to clean up the park of culture named after M. Gorky.

On May 22, 2021, the RETRO PARTY took place in the City Historical Museum, where residents were immersed in the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s.

It began its work on October 16, 2020.

During the first official meeting, the city youth chose the organization leader and the assistants. The school and pedagogic youth representatives as well as community organizations’ members became the members of the Youth Council.

Ruslan Nazarinskyi, History teacher, methodology expert at the Center for Professional Development of the Teaching Staff, has become the Zhmerynka Youth Council Head.

“The Youth Council was formed with support from the authorities representatives; the journalists from Vinnytsia television were involved in the issue of the inclusive swing,” shared, Olesia Khiziak the regional “Active Comminuty” coordinator in Zhmerynka.

Youth Council is a consultative and advisory body under the local self-government bodies, composed of youth representatives for consulting on, development and implementation of local youth policy.

“For me, personally, activism is a way of life and thinking, it is a choice and responsibility, it is an opportunity to do good not only for me, but for others, too. The work of “Active Community” shows that community organizations are not just a document or a hobby club, rather the real people striving for the change for the better,” said Olesia Khiziak.

CO “Molod Dii” was created, 50 initiatives have been realized.

Moreover, the activists provided instructions on composing a petition for the citizens group, concerned with inclusion issues. This way, the inclusive swing was secured for the city.

The activists also managed to have the water utility rates reduced.

“Involving the citizens, especially those living in Zhmerynka, is a long and complex process. Of course, I am joking, but motivating the citizens is really a long process, and it is definitely necessary to provide examples of change, prove that anything is possible. Information is the main tool for it – only by providing food for thought it is possible to achieve the result,” shared the regional “Active Comminuty” coordinator in Zhmerynka.

These are the results of synergy and activity of the citizens involved. The further it goes, the better it gets!

Note. The “Active Community” mission is to achieve welfare by means of democratic development of communities in Ukraine. The goal for 2025 is to get at least 1% of citizens active and systematically involved in decision making and reform promotion for welfare in communities. The Initiative was organized within the framework of the Institute “Respublica” activities. We are working to promote conscious action of the citizens.

Author: Tetiana Kavunenko, Head of Press Office at Institute “Respublica” and All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community”