The Active Community team talks about their activities!

“Active Community” All-Ukrainian Initiative works at Institute “Respublica” for quite a while. On February 13, our team decided to represent its 5-year results and share our near-term plans. Volodymyr Chemerys, one of the Institute’s “Respublica” founders opened the event. He briefly described the organization’s history (1997) and the main directions of its work, including the human rights area.


After his speech, Active Community directly presented its work results. Oleksandra Hlyzhynska, the Executive Director of the Institute “Respublica” started her speech with memories familiar to all of us. Oleksandra talked about February 20, 2014. She was in Ukraine Hotel in Kyiv that day and personally saw wounded Maidan activists, heard firing, and lent help. However, outside the center of Kyiv, a regular life kept on: someone rushed to work or a meeting, and someone just strolled through the city. This drove the creation of a project that focused specifically on activating citizens and motivating them to systematically participate in change, both locally and nationally.


Active Community was started as a pilot project in 2 Kyiv Oblast communities. In 2015, the Initiative already had 14 representative offices, and in 2019 they were 30. Within the framework of the presentation of the 5-year results, Oleksandra talked about qualitative and quantitative parameters. Here are some qualitative indicators: the number of citizens who were encouraged to join the events: 226 thousand; the number of events and all-Ukrainian campaigns that have taken place: 9994 events and 9 campaigns; the number of partner organizations or partners: 180 partner organizations; 2407 mentions in the media, 3 million views on posts on the organization’s website and on social media.

Qualitative indicators clearly reflect the problems and issues that the Active Community team is addressing on-site. The main target audience of the Initiative is potentially active citizens who want to join the changes but do not know how to do it or are afraid of misunderstanding and condemnation from the public. That is why, to increase the level of participation of Ukrainians in solving issues of local importance, we are working with the topics of civic education, youth and public organizations development, establishing a dialog between the authorities and the community. A significant component of our activities is to explain and promote democracy and reform tools, and to monitor local and national reforms.


After that, Oleksandra Hlizhynska presented the aim to be achieved by Active Community by 2025. And namely: activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and system-based reforms for the well-being of Ukrainian communities.

We really appreciate our partners and colleagues who managed to visit the event. We are sure that we can achieve our goals by continuing our activities and strengthening our partnership!

Note. The all-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” – is an association of people and social movements for self-organization and participation in solving local problems. The initiative was created within the framework of the Institute “Respublica”.