Public administration reform (PAR) is aimed at developing a state that acts in favor of the citizens, responsibly manages state funds, and functions in accordance with European good governance standards.

On February 24, 2021, Public consultations on Public administration reform (PAR) were held, there were 59 participants present, including experts as well as representatives from ministries and civil sector.

Vitalii Hlizhynskyi, co-founder and coordinator of “Active Community” from Institute “Respublica”, Public consultations Project Manager said, “This Public consultation, this event, is the result of people working together as one. Participants’ thoughts are documented, discussed and are not criticized.”

Ivan Khilobok, Senior Project Manager of Public Administration Reform, Reforms Delivery Office, explained that the Office provides comprehensive support to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU).

“We help the Government and the Prime Minister of Ukraine design and coordinate reforms, monitor reforms implementation, and prepare reports, communicate and attract interested parties into the process of designing and discussing the reform process.

Public administration has to do with executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government.

The notion of Public administration reform (PAR) does not include political level, constitutional level, work of Parliament and the President, funding of political parties.

PAR is also not concerned with the work of local self-government bodies. State Finances Reform and Decentralization Reform are both strongly connected with PAR.

Public administration reform (PAR) has actively started in 2016 when the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” came into effect.

The first Public Administration Reform Strategy to 2020 had already been approved then and ministries started to employ state secretaries, appointments on a competitive basis appeared, directorates were introduced first in pilot ministries and later in all ministries.

Public administration in Ukraine has been rapidly developing within European integration process over the last 4-5 years,” said Ivan Khilobok.

In his opinion, PAR in general is about three things:

  • affordable and quality services;
  • professional civil service;
  • effective governance.

Ugis Sics, the Project Manager of EU’s project EU4PAR said: “Without a professional civil service it is impossible to reach the following European values:

  • democracy and rights protection;
  • sustainable development;
  • cooperation and integration.

“When it comes to Ukraine, we, in every EU member state, consider it as a part of European community. It is important to implement European values in Ukraine for a better and more effective cooperation and interaction with the EU. Public administration reform is an opportunity and a call to action for the civil society,” Sics noted.

After the presenters’ speeches the participants split into groups according to areas the of the Reform:

  • effective governance;
  • professional civil service;
  • civil services and procedures.

Participants worked on the given area in groups and later had a chance to present the results of their work and receive feedback from the experts.

All developments were documented to be further processed and handed on to the relevant authorities.

For reference. This Public consultation was organized jointly by EU’s project EU4PAR, the Reforms Delivery Office of CMU within the project “Support to Comprehensive Reform of Public Administration in Ukraine” funded by EU, and the Institute “Respublica”. The Public consultation was held with support from National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the British people through the Good Governance Fund (GGF).

Note. The mission of the “Active Community” is to achieve prosperity through the democratic development of Ukrainian communities. The goal for 2025 is to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and promotion of reforms in Ukraine on a systemic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created through the activities of the Institute “Respublica”.

Author: Tetiana Kavunenko, Head of Press Office at Institute “Respublica” and All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community”