Solontai, A. Sarana and S. Dyatlenko talk about education reforming, local self-government and medicine: what can Ukrainians expect?

“If I listen to all your webinars, I will know more than the head of my community and local deputies,” says Elena, Bakhmut.

This review reflects the results of webinars held in April on reform in Ukraine. Education, local self-government, medicine are the things that always worry people the most, because their daily lives depend on it.

Over the past month, experts have explained in detail the essence of reforms in various areas. The first webinar was held on April 8 on “Procedures and regulations for decision-making and regulations at the local level as a prerequisite for impact in the new environment”. The speaker of the event was O. Solontai, an expert on politics and local development. 80 participants joined the webinar. During the event, they learned about:

  • New rules for decision-making of councils and the executive committee and rules that have remained unchanged;
  • Strengthening the role of community leaders in an emergency;
  • The work of local governments in the new conditions outside of decision-making;
  • Features of decisions and financing in new conditions and preparation for Easter and May holidays.

You can watch the video of the webinar by following the link.

Webinars from experts

The next topic of discussion was medicine. The second wave of medical reform started in Ukraine on April 1. The Medical Guarantees Program, a list of medical services that the state guarantees to the patient, has become fully operational. What will change for patients? How will hospitals work in the future? What services will the National Health Service pay for from now on? Another speaker, Anna Sarana, an expert on medical reform, spoke about all this during the webinar “Community medicine: how institutions of specialized medical care will work”.

During the discussion, the expert told in detail about the service packages that you need to get a medical service and what to do if you have not yet signed a declaration with your family doctor. See the link for more details.

The third webinar on the topic of reforms was the event “Management of education at the local level in the new conditions”. Serhiy Dyatlenko, a national expert on education, spoke about the development of education at the local level, distance learning and the end of the school year for educators. Participants learned about  preparation plans for the next school year in the new conditions. You can watch the video of the webinar by following the link.

Note. Mission of the AI “Active Community”: to achieve prosperity through democratic development of Ukrainian communities. Aim for 2025: activate and involvement at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and reform in Ukraine on a systematic basis for well-being in Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created within the activity of the Institute “Respublica”. We work to increase the conscious activity of citizens.