cropped-resp.jpgInstitute Respublica is All-Ukrainian Civic Association aims to involve Ukrainian citizens to democratic transformation in the country.

Institutes mission – to achieve democracy through changes of the functioning of the state system.

Strategic Plans for 2016-2020 years:
  • To promote the supremacy of human rights;
  • To facilitate the implementation of seven reanimation reforms in Ukraine: decentralization, e-governance, lustration and anti-corruption activities, reform of the political system, budgetary, judicial reform, energy efficiency and energy saving;
  • To assist the attracting investments, economic and social development of communities;
  • To promote the implementation of standards of good governance at the local level and at the level of the Government of Ukraine;
  • To support the public education regarding using the mechanisms of local democracy and methods of cooperation with local and national authorities.

The activity of the institute is structured in two blocks: