Institute “Republic” started working in the sphere of cleaning power after the events of Euromaidan.

On July 1, 2015 the project “Monitoring of Implementation of Lustration Law in Ukraine” was launched. 

The project was able to achieve the following results:

1. Unified State Register of persons to whom the Law of Ukraine “On Cleaning Power” is applicable is constantly being monitored . Public is informed about its results.

2. Trainings and forums on lustration for ordinary citizens and local activists are conducted. Particular attention is paid to training in the property lustration through which citizens can take active part in cleaning power. Today 295 citizens from 11 small and large cities of Ukraine have got knowledge about lustration.

3. 40 publications and 1 telecast in the media about the results of lustration in Ukraine were performed within the coverage of the project.

4. Monitoring of mayor candidates at election in 2015 on the subject of lustration was held. It was found that among 2000 candidates for the post of a mayor 45 of them were lustrated.

Project Manager: Artem Amelchenko, the lawyer of the Institute, an expert in cleaning power.