Ukrainian edition “Our News” was created as a volunteer project during exacerbation of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine in May, 2014. At the beginning the project focused on immigrants and had a circulation of 2000 copies.

Since January, 2015 active citizens of cities and villages in Ukraine have become the target audience of the newspaper. In September, 2015 we reached the audience of 50 000 recipients per month for the first time.

The main priorities of the newspaper are the following:

1. To inform the public about reforms in Ukraine

2. To tell success stories of Ukrainians and share international experience

3. To describe cases of local and national problems solution to be followed by readers

4. Legal advice

Editor in Chief: Olexandra Skyba

Editor of the issue: Iryna Makarova


An annual “School of New Media” is a part of “Our News”

New Media School

«Social Campaigning School» is an annual School of New Media for community activists, journalists and young politicians. During the course of the project participants get answers to the following questions: What should be done for you to be read and heard in the Internet? How to develop effective communication strategies in present multimedia democracies? How to choose the format and what tools to use in order to make your ideas spread through the network?

School classes are conducted by experts from the fields of journalism, political consulting, PR, law and philosophy who have experience of teaching and learning in the US, the UK and Germany. English is the working language.

The project is held by the German organization B-Mix and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany. B-Mix is the association engaged in the proliferation of media literacy and media culture. Ukrainian Civic association “Institute Respublica” together with its newspaper “Our news” is the project partner in Ukraine.