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Як онлайн інструменти допомогли мені розвивати мою громаду, копія (1)

(Українська) Бути чи не бути додатковим атракціонам у парку Т.Шевченка (Хмельницький): проміжні результати консультації

(Українська) Хмельничани продовжують обговорювати необхідність встановлення додаткових атракціонів у парку Т. Шевченка.

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Uzhgorod residents will choose the tourist logo of their city

A public consultation on the tourist logo of the city has started in Uzhgorod.


A public consultation has started in Uzhgorod

The issue of underground parking will be solved in Uzhgorod through public consultation.

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A public consultation is held in Khmelnytskyi

Residents of Khmelnitskyi decide whether they need additional attractions in T. Shevchenko Park.


In Khmelnytskyi have chosen locations for the Third Educational Ideas Factory

In Khmelnitsky, the discussion of the mandatory locations of the Third Educational Ideas Factory was completed.


In the Carpathian region residents choose the emblem of their community using the public consultation

From August 15 to September 15, residents of Piadytska UTC have the opportunity to choose the emblem for their community.

ПК Рубіжне (2)

Life after public consultations (PC): an implementation of projects in different parts of Ukraine

The title “Life after a public consultation” aims to demonstrate projects which have been implemented in reality.

ПК Запоріжжя (1)

Citizens of Zaporizhzhia chose green zone as an improvement of the first priority

(Українська) У Запоріжжі завершилася вже друга публічна консультація з громадськістю щодо облаштування однієї із зелених зон міста.


Student and FrankoPark – citizens of Drohobych chose the names of squares

The results of two public consultations on the selection of the names of small squares in Drohobych between the streets of Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Franko and Taras Shevchenko.