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(Українська) Друге публічне обговорення: чи має право народ ініціювати проведення національного референдуму?

(Українська) Запрошуємо долучатися до другої дискусії з 6 запланованих щодо референдуму, яка відбудеться 18 травня.

ІГ Дрогобич2 вікна

How to develop the improvement of the house together with the neighbors and start developing the community?

The results of cooperation between All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” of Drohobych and the Initiative Group of the block of flats №4 on Knyagyni Olhy Street.

ПК Ужгород

Results of the eleventh public consultation in Uzhgorod

Most participants in the public consultation do not support changes in the organization of traffic and pedestrian traffic in Koryatovych Square.

Mandziy Reliz

Lubomyra Mandziy about public consultations on preschool education

Results of an online conversation with Acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lubomyra Mandziy.

online instruments

Online tools for public participation: what do you use?

All-Ukrainian initiative Active Community Coordinators tell you how to manage the community and the country online!


Ukrainians have participated in a quiz “Truth vs Lies”

AI “Active Community” held an all-ukrainian action in the format of a quiz for the April Fools’ Day.


The team of AI “Active Community” (Zaporizhzhia) has conducted a webinar for students

Webinar on interaction with non-governmental organizations and state bodies was held in Zaporizhzhia.

PK Results2

Results of the public consultation which has lasted to 1st of April in Khmelnytskyi

The residents of Khmelnytskyi have decided whether they need additional pay attractions in the T. Shevchenko Park.

харків, вплив

The second online Club of the “Active Community” has took place in Kharkiv

Kharkiv residents have learned how citizens can influence on the decision-making.

Logo Uzhgorod

What should the tourist logo of Uzhgorod look like?

A public consultation on the concept of the tourist logo of the city has ended in Uzhgorod.