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Як онлайн інструменти допомогли мені розвивати мою громаду, копія (1)

(Українська) Бути чи не бути додатковим атракціонам у парку Т.Шевченка (Хмельницький): проміжні результати консультації

(Українська) Хмельничани продовжують обговорювати необхідність встановлення додаткових атракціонів у парку Т. Шевченка.


(Українська) Активна Громада = Активна Діаспора. Випуск №8 Швеція.

(Українська) Юлія Мазур та Сергій Толстіхін (команда ВІ “Активна Громада” Хмельницького) діляться враженнями від веломандрівки країнами Європи.

Як онлайн інструменти допомогли мені розвивати мою громаду

Competition: Share your experience and win prizes!

We are waiting of the successful stories about using online instruments for increase the activity of residents in local communities.

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Uzhgorod residents will choose the tourist logo of their city

A public consultation on the tourist logo of the city has started in Uzhgorod.


A public consultation has started in Uzhgorod

The issue of underground parking will be solved in Uzhgorod through public consultation.

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A public consultation is held in Khmelnytskyi

Residents of Khmelnitskyi decide whether they need additional attractions in T. Shevchenko Park.

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Trainings of the Active Community in Dnipro region and Zakarpattia

Since February, the Active Community team has been providing trainings for residents of united territorial communities.


Public consultations were held on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine

During the period 27.02 – 4.03 public consultations were held on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.


The history of success: development of the tourism potential of community

The results of the cooperation of the Active Community team and Staroushytska territorial communities.


An expert discussion of the need to reform the pension system

On February 20, a public consultation was held in the format of expert discussion on pension reform.