Володимир Чемерис ІР (1)

Freedom of peaceful assembly: trends and risks in 2018

Volodymyr Chemerys, a human rights activist, public figure and chairman of the Institute “Republica” told what already happened in the area of ​​freedom of assembly and what to expect.

Roadmap septem (4)

Roadmap for Government: semi-annual project results

The is being implemented in 30 cities in terms of organizing public consultations and facilitating public reporting of city mayors.

Dobropillia 2

New public consultation with citizens started in Dobropillya

Dobropilia authorities are consulting with citizens on the placement of an information screen.


All-Ukrainian action “Weigh Your Independence” in Kyiv

In total more than 65 citizens participated in Kiev, in general in Ukraine about 2 thousand. After all, the action runs in parallel in 28 cities in different regions of our country.


Drogobych ask to choose the place for the first logo-bench

Drohobych residents are invited to be active during the public consultation.

ПК УЖГ боларди

Results of public consultations in Uzhgorod

The result will motivate the city authorities for further consultations using the method of public hearings and analysis, sending proposals from indifferent inhabitants of Uzhgorod.


Internally displaced persons and the right of choice in Ukraine

Institute Respublica held a forum “Internally displaced persons and the right of choice in Ukraine” in the conference hall of the “INVERIA” space.

Sumy PK, сайт (1)

Public consultations started in Sumy

Active public consultation: “Where do you have another Wi-Fi access point for free Internet?”

ЗВІТИ ДЕПУТАТІВ- Інститут "Республіка"

Content-analysis of reports of local councils Deputies (Ukraine)

The team of the Institute Republica conducted an analysis of the reports of deputies from 27 local councils of Ukraine during April-June 2018.


Mayor of Kamyanets-Podilskyi reported live on Podillya-Center channel

The Mayor Mykhailo Simashkevych took part in the program #Reporting_live.