News Digest from All-Ukrainian Initiative «Active Community»

News, pieces of advice and success stories from the All-Ukrainian Initiative «Active Community» for the period 01.02.2020 – 29.02.2020

інфогодина полтава

Information hours in Poltava

Active Community team of Poltava – is an information center for residents of the city about the main news of the state.

АкціяКиїв — копия

All-Ukrainian Campaign “Why do we love our cities?”

Active Community held “Why do we love our cities?” campaign on 14th of February.


Presentation of Active Community 5-year results and plans for the future.

The AI “Active Community” team talks about their activities!


Small steps for a big goal (Volnovakha)

Implementation of the first plans by representatives of the initiative group of the Olhyno territorial community.


Presentation of the online course “Public consultations”

On February 4 th, the online course “Public Consultations” will start!

камянець інфогодина

Information Kamyanets – Podilsky or we learn how to recognize fakes

On September 16, a meeting of the Active Community Club was held in Kamianets-Podilskyi, where participants discussed issues of information hygiene and media literacy.


News Digest from All-Ukrainian Initiative «Active Community»

News, pieces of advice and successful stories from the All-Ukrainian initiative «Active Community» for the period 31.09.2019 –15.09.19

Тренінг Оріхів, АГ

Knowledge about public consultations is disseminated in the Zaporіzhzhia region

Local authorities have a huge request for mastering a simple and accessible method of building a public dialogue – public consultations.

Академія виборчої журналістики, 3 набір

Academy of Journalism: The third wave of recruitment

The Academy will be held on September 27-28 in Kyiv.