National referendum: “A series of public discussions Оpen dialogue with citizens”.

Ukrainians discuss the importance of the all-Ukrainian referendum and gather proposals for the draft law “On Referendum”.

NUS reform: “A new standard for basic education”

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with the National Democratic Institute and the Institute “Respublica” are launching a series of public consultations.

Communication: how can NGOs work with the media?

Video of the webinar on ways of cooperation between representatives of the public sector and the media.

Community Development Map: What is it and how does it benefit?

How can citizens independently form proposals to local authorities on priority areas of development of their community?

Event of the month: “Active Community” team congratulates all Ukrainians on the Vyshyvanka Day

Video of congratulations on the Day of embroidered shirt from representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Active community: Will the Drohobych Saltworks be put up for sale again?

The history of the struggle of Drohobych residents for the preservation of their historical and architectural monument – saltworks.

(Українська) Друге публічне обговорення: чи має право народ ініціювати проведення національного референдуму?

(Українська) Запрошуємо долучатися до другої дискусії з 6 запланованих щодо референдуму, яка відбудеться 18 травня.

The team of the Institute “Respublica” represents the public sector of Ukraine in the international organization EDYN

Motivation and further plans of the Institute “Respublica” team representatives, who joined EDYN in April this year.

Webinars from experts on the state of reforms in Ukraine

Solontai, A. Sarana and S. Dyatlenko talk about education reforming, local self-government and medicine: what can Ukrainians expect?

How to develop the improvement of the house together with the neighbors and start developing the community?

The results of cooperation between All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” of Drohobych and the Initiative Group of the block of flats №4 on Knyagyni Olhy Street.