Drohobych residents are invited to be active during the public consultation.

A press conference was held at Svitlytsya Drohobych City Hall on the selection of the place for the establishment of the first bench which will be made in the form of the tourist logo of Drohobych.

The public consultation took place with the participation of the Mayor of Drohobych Taras Kuchma, the head of the Tourist Information Center (TIC) of Drohobych Igor Chava and journalists. The organizer of the public consultation was the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” together with TIC.

Thus, Igor Chava noted that now work on the manufacture and further installation of the first bench is held. It will be made in the form of a tourist logo of the city at the beginning of the press conference.

Such a shop, according to the official, will be installed already on the Day of the city of Drohobych on September 21, so now it is necessary to determine the location of its placement.

During discation about the place to install a bench, it was decided that citizens should determine the locals themselves, casting their votes for the best, in their opinion, the option – the organizers said.

“Now we are taking less important issues for public consultation. However, soon after such consultations important and significant issues will be taken, as we enable the community to join the creation of our city and teach people to be responsible for the decisions that have been made, “said Taras Kuchma, Mayor of Drohobych.

Afterward, the participants of the event demonstrated what sites are being considered for the establishment of the first bench in the form of a tourist logo:

  1. Near the central entrance to the City Council;
  2. On the square “Zamkova mountain”.


Coordinator of the “Active Community” Olena Yurkevich informed that the public consultation will continue until September 12, 2018.

Everyone has the opportunity to vote by using the “Your Opinion” electronic service by following the link: vdmk.org/3065 or by sending an SMS with the text “5038 number of the answer” to the number 093-177-00-35.

Public consultation is held within the project “Roadmap for Government” that is implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute.