Розмова з головою «Української громади Східної Норвегії» Тетяною Бондаренко

Клуб Активної Громади продовжує серію зустрічей з активними українцями, які живуть закордоном. Якщо вам цікаво дізнатися більше про українську діаспору, як живеться українцям в інших країнах, як вони зберігають свої традиції, чи діє у їхніх містах місцеве самоврядування і чи консультується влада з…

Training: “Parties: what we should know about them” are held in all parts of Ukraine

Pieces of training on political education are conducted within the activities of the “Active Community” Clubs

The first public consultation with citizens began in Lugansk region

In Rubizhne local authorities began a consultation process with residents to solve local problems.

Instruments of Direct Democracy: How Ukrainians use their rights and opportunities

The tools of public participation are called methods that allow an active Ukrainian to influence decision-making.

The National Debate Tournament has identified its Winners

In the decisive battle of talks the team from Zhytomyr won among the students, and from Znamianka won among pupils.

Ukrainians Told Why They Love Their Hometowns

Ukrainians wrote valentines with good wishes applying to their hometowns, shared their thoughts on what they would like to change.

Right for power: where and how Ukrainians exert influence?

The Institute “Respublica” has analyzed which cities contribute to the use of participation instruments by citizens.

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