Confrontation and violence of the far-right extremists: monitoring results

In recent years, cases of violence and confrontation by ultra-right groups have become a dangerous aspect of a political sphere in Ukraine.

Content-analysis of reports of local councils Deputies (Ukraine)

The team of the Institute Republica conducted an analysis of the reports of deputies from 27 local councils of Ukraine during April-June 2018.

Instruments of Direct Democracy: How Ukrainians use their rights and opportunities

The tools of public participation are called methods that allow an active Ukrainian to influence decision-making.

Reporting in the field: Talks of Mayors about their activities for 2017

The Institute “Republica” analyzed what mayors reported in 2017 about from Bohuslav, Dobropillya, Drohobych, Zinkiv, Kramatorsk, Skadovsk, Yuzhne.

Successes and Failures of Implementation of Reforms at the Local Level in Ukraine – Survey

More than 400 experts from all regions of Ukraine answered the questions related to the assessment of reforms and their consequences.

Right for power: where and how Ukrainians exert influence?

The Institute “Respublica” has analyzed which cities contribute to the use of participation instruments by citizens.

Research: Only 43% of local council deputies report their activities

The Institute “Respublica” analyzed 24 cities: 11 regional centers, 11 cities of regional and district significance and 2 villages activists have been working with for a long time.

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We have prepared the annual report on activities in 2016

Interim report of the “Active Community: Right of Choice” project for February

Показники реалізації проекту «Активна Громада: право вибору», що націлений на підвищення політичної просвіти громадян, за лютий 2017 р.