The debate club starts in Zaporizhia on February 7. Meetings will be occuring every second Wednesday in the Coworking “Joint-HUB” from 7 p.m to 9 p.m. Participants can expect oratory classes and public speaking, training exercises, interactivity, experienced guests and discussion in debatable form.

According to Olesya Lapikova’s (communication coordinator) words, the idea of such a project originated from  a live discussion.

“The debate club in our city was at one of the universities for a long time, and that club belonged to the Ukrainian Federation of Debate. But the students who supported the club graduated, so this activity gradually faded. The debate club is active at the Solidarity Center (BPP) and in some schools now. So we can’t necessarily claim it as our idea. However, we emphasize the openness of our debating club, as we invite not only experienced debaters, public figures and speakers, but also people without such experience, who are just interested in and want to gain basic skills of public speaking”, – Olesya notes.


The first ideas appeared in the spring of 2017. Then the coordinators from Zaporizhzhia  had training meetings for the All-Ukrainian debate tournament from the “Republic” Institute, and subsequently they decided to hold these meetings regularly. The initiative created for the cooperation of the “Active Community” VI and the “Joint HUB” NGO.

The project involves mainly young students, young workers, and high school graduates. The peculiarity of such a format is that the participants will engage not only in debate exercises. The large chunk of it will be devoted to the lecture and practical part of the class, where they will be learning the basics of oratory, theatrical art, rhetoric and pronunciation. In addition, they will have a lot of interactions and exercises, and they will discuss about videos of successful performances. To implement such an event, the coordinators will invite guests-specialists, particular TV presenters, actors, experienced speakers, etc.

“As for me, the format of the debate is interesting because it trains the ability to deal with any problem from different sides, develops critical thinking and self-confidence. In addition, it allows you to understand not only the opponent, but also the teammate. And to learn how to work in a coherent and effective environment “, – notes Olesya.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the “Joint-HUB”.