Since January, the team of the “Active Community” of the Institute Respublica operates in 30 cities in different regions of Ukraine. The campaign ” Roadmap for Government” is a continuation of the project that started in 2015, and aims to increase the level of citizens’ participation in decision-making on local level in Ukraine.

Roadmap septem (4)

As of September this year, 18 public consultations started in 15 Ukrainian cities, of which 16 were completed. Another five issues are under active discussion, during which citizens choose one of the options for solving the problem. In Drohobych and Dobropilly residents are involved in decision-making now.

During the semester, the “Active Community” coordinators also set up a dialogue with city mayors on public reporting to voters. At the moment, we have 8 mayors  who openly talked about their activities in 2017. In Drohobych more than 7 thousand people joined the live broadcast, and in Kamenets more than 2 thousand. In addition, citizens asked questions and made their proposals to improve the life of the city.

Public consultations with citizens are an instrument through which the government appeals to citizens to get their opinions on the issue that affects their lives. The purpose of such instrument is not only to listen to the proposals of citizens, but the process which in the end has the result – a decision.

Let’s remind, that the long-term project “Roadmap for Government” is realized in 30 cities in the part of organization of public consultations, among them – 18 regional centers and 12 small cities. In the part of promoting public reporting of city mayors, the Institute will carry out a project in 12 small cities and 1 oblast center.

The Project “Roadmap For Government” is being implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI).