On February 14, on St. Valentine’s Day, All-Ukrainian Initiative “I Love My Town For” was held. Ukrainians wrote valentines with good wishes applying to their hometowns, shared their thoughts on what they would like to change. In addition, the purpose of the event initiated by the Institute “Respublica” was presenting to citizens an effective tool for communication between public and authorities, public consultations.


The event was held simultaneously in more than 20 cities, all over the country.

People said a lot of kind words about their cities. For example, citizens of Uzhgorod noted that their city is beautiful because it has place for walking, wonderful architecture and planning, good cafes and friendly people. And their wishes concerned mostly the issues of improvement. People want Uzhhorod to be cleaner and lighter.

Residents of Kamyanets-Podilskyi Khmelnytskyi region also wrote in valentines that they love their home “for old city”, “for history”, “for good people”, and wished it prosperity.

5 In Horishni Plavni, Poltava region, among the confessions of love, were the following: “I love the city, because it is mine, ours. This is my motherland. Here I was born, and my children were born”, “for compactness”, “for work places”, “for beautiful girls”.

When asked for what they would loved cities even more, people answered: “For free Wi-Fi in public places”, “I’d like to see all roads in my city been asphalted on time!”, “For effective fight against drug addiction”, “I want to see clean fountains, squares, and good-looking animals in the city”, “For cleaner air”.

The inhabitants of Dnipro said they love it “for patriotism”, “because my soul mate lives here”, “for positivity and great opportunities”. And they wished the city developing and prosperity, good and peace, greening in the near future, honest and responsible authorities.

This is just a portion of what people said about their cities.

Activists in Skadovsk, Kherson region, shot a video about how the event in their city was held.

Also, during the event Ukrainians learned more about the tool “Vasha Dumka (Your Thought)”, developed specifically for public consultations. City officials are not always ready to make the most effective decisions because they do not know the needs of residents. This tool helps them to do this.


Public consultations with the involvement of this tool are planned to be launched soon throughout Ukraine.