The first consultation with the citizens of Zhmerynka concerns the design of the facade of one of the city schools.

On October a briefing “Public consultations as a mechanism for building a dialogue between the authorities and the community” was held in the Zherynka City Council Hall. Deputy Mayor on the issues of cultural policy Volodymyr Dudik and Coordinator of the “Active Community” – Andriy Silchenko present the first public consultations in the city.

Deputy Mayor on the issues of cultural policy of the city – Vladimir Dudik said: “Now the community of Zhmerynka will be able to advise its authorities through a progressive and convenient tool for public consultations. With this tool the city council will be able to hear and take into account the opinion of people about really important and actual problems for the city. And this will give an opportunity and solve problem in the best way for the inhabitants of the city”.

The question that is put to the discussion: Which of the proposed works should be reproduced on the facade of secondary school № 4 in Zhmerynka? Works can be found on the website of the city council or on the site of the Active Community of Zhmerynka on facebook.

ІР Жмеринка

You can express your opinion and choose your own option:

  • at the link
  • sending an SMS message with the text: “2339 (space) answer number” to the number 093-177-00-35 * (SMS price according to the tariff of your operator).

Within the framework of the consultation, a total of 15 works by local authors are presented at the choice of the citizens, which can be found on the website of the city council or in social networks. The work that gains the largest number of votes of citizens will be on the facade of the Zhmerynska secondary school №4.

The results will be made public on the official website of the Zhmerynka City Council and the facebook pages of the Institute Respublica.

“We have come a long way in introducing public consultations in Zhmerynka, we started this process in the spring and only now we got the result. There were a lot of difficulties in this way, but together with the active citizens and in cooperation with the city authorities we overcame them”, – says Andriy Silchenko.

The introduction of this initiative was made possible by the fruitful cooperation of the Zhmerynka City Council with the “Active Community” of the Institute Respublica.

Public consultation is held within the project “Roadmap for Government” that is implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute.