In Gorishni Plavnі the youth competed for the cup and the honor of representing the city at the National Debate Tournament in Kyiv.

On April 13, the “Active Community-2018” Debate Tournament took place in the building of the Higher Professional Mining and Construction School. The event was a city qualifying stage for the national debatable tournament within the All-Ukrainian campaign “Active Community: Righ of Choicet” of the Institute “Respublica”. The debate followed the British parliamentary format.


During the event young debaters actively discussed the participation of young people in the socio-political life of the country as the subjects of the electoral process, the introduction of public funding of political parties and ensuring transparency of the activities of the authorities. Despite the unusual and difficult subjects, boys and girls have duly presented all the pros and cons of reforming Ukraine in the above-mentioned directions.


In the course of the fierce struggle of the intellect and breadth of views, a sure victory was won by Yuriy MAYOROV and Dmitry TODCHUK from secondary school №1. Second place was taken by Abigal GARMIDER and Dmytro MARCHUK from secondary school №4 with in-depth study of English language. Victoria GYRENKO and Anna FODOROVA took third place from secondary school named Nizhnichenko with in-depth study of subjects in the social and humanitarian cycle. The best speaker of the Debate Tournament “Active Community-2018” is Abigail GARMIDER.


The tournament “Active Community-2018” in Gorishni Plavni was organized by the Regional Representative Office of the “Active Community” with the support of the Education Department of the Gorishni Plavni City Council of the Poltava Region and the Higher Professional Mining and Construction School.


Contacts: Volodymyr Dmytrenko, regional coordinator of the “Active Community” in the city of Goryshni Plavni, tel .: +38 096 063 4213,