Information and educational project “Garbage sorting academy”

In Chernivtsi, 93% of solid household waste is accumulated at the landfill site located on Chornovs’ka Street. Under the polygon allocated 42 hectares of agricultural land. Every year, 520,000 m3 of solid waste is imported here. At present, the question is about the expansion of the area of this landfill by 15 hectares. The smoke disposal site is located in Sadgirivsky district of the city.

According to the decision of the Chernivtsi City Session of the VII convocation, the charter fund of communal enterprises “ChernivtsySpetsCommuntrans” has been increased by UAH 8 million. These funds will be directed, in particular, to the purchase of containers for separate sorting of garbage.

At the same time, the inhabitants of Chernivtsi have not yet formed the culture and skills of handling solid household waste. This, in turn, slows down the process of implementation of the distribution of garbage and its further utilization at waste processing plants and the market of secondary raw materials.

Sortuvaty smittia

The purpose of the project “Garbage sorting academy” is to educate the population of Chernivtsi on sorting rules through information seminars and pieces of training. The training will be held for representatives of condominiums, housing construction cooperatives, housing associations, self-organizing bodies of the population and for schoolchildren.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to conduct four information seminars “Garbage Sorting Rules”. The goal is to create a pool of experts on distribution, which will conduct door-to-door campaigns, courtyard meetings, teaching the contents of the rules for the sorting of solid household waste, informing about the localization of waste sorting points in Chernivtsi. Project organizers will provide information and consulting support to experts, provide them with print products.

Also, activists will conduct pieces of training for schoolchildren of grades 9-10 “Sorting garbage, healthy will you and me” in six pilot schools in Chernivtsi. During training the team of the NGO “Bukovynska Medical Community” will tell students about the environmental problems of waste storage and disposal in the world, Ukraine, Chernivtsi, and will teach the rules for the sorting of garbage.

To attract the attention of citizens to the problem of the need for sorting garbage, it is planned to conduct a flashmob “I sort of garbage, and you?”.

During the implementation of the project, the organizers will also contribute to the development of a Comprehensive Waste Management Program in Chernivtsi.

 The “Garbage Sorting Academy” project began on December 4, 2018, with a start-up press conference during which activists informed the community of Chernivtsi on the state of the problem of garbage collection and the dangerous consequences for the city and its inhabitants, the project’s purpose, ways of its realization and expected results.

During the work on the “Integrated Waste Management Program”, the activists held a round table with the participation of representatives of the city council, the housing and communal services department, the bodies of self-organization of the population, the community of the city, representatives of the media.


Currently, project experts are working on a program of informative seminars and pieces of training for schoolchildren, scheduled for late January and February.

The project will run from December 1, 2018, to April 30, 2019. It is implemented with the support of the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” from the Institute Respublica and the National Democratic Institute (NDI).