A control, a contractor evaluation, a roadmap – all these are the options of the application

Residents of Cherkasy with the help of the program will be able to independently assess the reliability of the work of contractors and to rank the road services.

– Due to the decentralization of the development budget over the past three years, Cherkasy’s local budget has grown to more than 400 million UAH. In particular, as a result, a financial opportunity has emerged to thoroughly repair roads in this city. However, the availability of resources for such repairs do not solve problems of the poor-quality work of contractors. Nevertheless, thanks to our app it will be possible to monitor their work. Every non-indifferent citizen can view road photos immediately after the road repair, download those photos that same day, and compare the difference. It will become pretty obvious, how the coating of the road “survived” the winter and whether it meets the guarantee given by the contractor. Thus, each citizen of Cherkasy will be able to place its own assessment of the work of the contracting organization, – explains editor-in-chief Zmi.ck.ua Sergiy Stasko.

 Чиї ями, Черкаси

According to Sergey, project participants will collect and analyze the data, and based on the results they will make a rating of contractors who work on repairing the roads in Cherkasy. Also, public activists signed a memorandum with the mayor of Cherkasy, which pledges that the results of the survey will be taken into account in determining the winners of the tenders. The contractors who breached the undertaking will not be allowed to bid.

– Today, during the morning meeting, I remind once again for leaders of the housing, utilities, architecture and urban planning departments that the contractors must be required to comply with work schedules and monitor the quality of road repairs. The most relevant for the city is the development of a mobile application «Chyyi Yamy» of those the presentation I visited today and signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of the Cherkasy City Council. I very much welcome the community to be active and appreciate any help from its side, – wrote Anatoly Bondarenko, Mayor of the city, on his Facebook page.

Чиї ями, додаток, Черкаси (2)

 At the moment, the application has been developed only for the Android platform, and contains information on 12 major repairs and reconstructions of the streets in Cherkasy, for the year of 2017. Each user can view information about the length (in km) of roads repaired, the information about contractors, and recourses that were spent on the reconstruction. The application also gives you an option to view photos before, and immediately after the repair. In addition, users of the application can download their own road photo, leave a comment, and write their own assessment of the work of the contractor.

Чиї ями, Черкаси 2

The project “Chyyi Yamy?»  allows Cherkasy citizens to be widely involved in decision-making processes since it has been designed not only for the use of the motorists but also for all other participants of the transportation.

 – The application is unique because we plan not only to evaluate the quality of roads, but we can also influence the selection of contractors, – commented the head of the PR-agency Semenova-Media Irina Semenova. – There is one more additional function – we will finally get a map of the road repairs in Cherkasy. And in the future, we hope that we will have a map of planned repairs with detailed explanations of the decisions regarding – why this particular order. We hope that this will enable the people to direct the work so that they are conducted first of all where it is needed most.

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The project “Chyyi Yamy?” Is implemented by an NGO “Platform of Public Dialogues” in a partnership with the site zmi.ck.ua and the PR-agency Semenova-Media. The project is being implemented with the support of the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” from Institute “Respublica” and the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

For additional information, please call (093) 96 83 784, (097) 388 72 13 – Irina Semenova.