Student and FrankoPark – citizens of Drohobych chose the names of squares

Public consultations were completed in Drohobych

Two weeks from December 12 till December 26,   citizens of Drohobych were able to choose one of the suggested names for squares in the central part of the city between the streets of T. Shevchenko, I. Franko and Lesia Ukrainka. The all-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” of the Institute “Republica” held these public consultations with the support of the Drohobych City Council and NGO “Ukrainian Youth Breakthrough”.

On December 28 the activist presented the results of public consultations. In total, 401 residents of Drohobych took part in two discussions.

So, for the square between the streets of T. Shevchenko and I. Franko, the results are as follows:

ПК Дрогобич, результати (1)

The advantage of the option “Student” – 97, so community decided in Drohobych.

Regarding the name of the square between the streets of Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka, 205 people decided as follows.

ПК Дрогобич, результати (2)

 The advantage of the name “FrankoPark” with a margin of 7 units.

According to Oleg Dukas, Mayor’s Advisor, these results will be proposed for consideration by the Humanitarian Commission. Subsequently, in order to approve these names, this issue will be put to the session of the Drohobych City Council.

We remind you that residence chose the names that they themselves offered. Types of names were collected for two weeks and ended on December 10th.

In August 2017, the project “Attracting the community to the concept of development of three small parks in Drohobych city” was launched on Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Franko and Taras Shevchenko streets at the initiative of the NGO “Ukrainian Youth Breakthrough”. During this time, with the support of the Kyiv Dialogue project, a park development concept was formed and together with the Drohobych City Council, and with the support of the “ArtSvitlo” a competition was arranged among architects for the best project of these green areas. Today, these public gardens have no official names, so there was a need to address this issue using public consultation.


Public consultation helps to simplify the process of incorporating community thought to the local authorities. This tool creates an opportunity for city residents to take part in decision-making at the local level in the most accessible way. This, in turn, promotes effective communication between communities and authorities. Consultations are held with the help of electronic service “Your Opinion”.

Public consultation is held within the project “Roadmap for Government” that is implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute.

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