Ukrainians discuss the importance of the all-Ukrainian referendum and gather proposals for the draft law “On Referendum”.

On May 13, a series of public discussions was launched to promote an open inclusive dialogue with citizens on the all-Ukrainian referendum process. Since then, there have been 4 such discussions on the online platform ZOOM. More than 350 participants joined the event directly, and everyone could watch the live broadcast on the organizers’ Facebook pages.

Discussions concern various aspects of the referendum: the subject of the referendum; agitation and information during the referendum process; the right of the people to initiate a referendum; the rights of NGOs and political parties. Two final events will take place on June 3 and 5 on the topic: financing and consequences of the referendum.

Учасники, референдум2

– There were discussion questions in our group, and it helps us to delve deeper into the question of how this tool should work to help us implement qualitative changes. We all want the referendum issue not to end at today’s event. You received interesting thoughts today, maybe questions, discuss them with your colleagues or relatives. Contact us or the Center for Political and Legal Reforms. For now, we will gather opinions, and in mid-June we will submit proposals to the working group. We will be grateful to you if you involve your colleagues, acquaintances in these discussions, because they concern each of us. Together, we can find a solution to make the referendum in our country work effectively and not be a tool for manipulation, – said Oleksandra Hlizhynska, executive director of the Institute “Respublica”.

After four online events, it can be concluded that the participants see the referendum as a tool for expressing the will of the people and want to use it effectively. All of them note that during the information and agitation it is necessary to create equal conditions for the parties, which will support the position of “for” and “against” the issue submitted for discussion. Participants also proposed granting NGOs the same rights as political parties during the referendum process.

All proposals submitted by the participants will be systematized at the end of the discussions and submitted to the working group working on the draft law.

Reference. The project “Active Community: the right of the choice” aims to increase the political education of citizens and involve them in discussions about electoral referom. The project is implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Note. The mission of the AI “Active Community” is to achieve prosperity through the democratic development of Ukrainian communities. The goal for 2025: to activate and involve at least 1% of citizens in decision-making and promotion of reforms in Ukraine on a systemic basis for the well-being of Ukrainian communities. The initiative was created within the activities of the Institute “Respublica”. We work to increase the conscious activity of citizens.