In Dobropillya, in the Donetsk region, the authorities once again consult with citizens.

On September “Active Community of Dobropillya” launched a new poll of citizens. This time, residents should choose the location of the information screen.

According to the regional coordinator Sergiy Kalinin, this issue was put to the discussion due to the lack of some channels of communication (such as TV, radio, etc.) in the city. And now the problem of informing Dobropillya population is in the first place. Therefore, the City Council, in partnership with DTEK, decided to install a street screen to inform residents and guests of events taking place in the city, showing social videos, posters, broadcasting important events of local and national levels.

However, the issue of the location of this screen was acute. So, the coordinator of the “Active Community” in Dobropillya, Sergiy Kalinin offered to hold public consultations and find out the opinion of citizents.

The following locations are proposed:
1. Near the sports complex.
2. Alley in front of the Сity Council, European st.
3. The central square of the name of Arutyunov

The public consultation will continue until October 1, 2018. With the help of the electronic service “Your Opinion”, residents can choose option via the link:  or SMS with the text “1094 (space) answer number” to the number 093-177-00-35. SMS price according to your operator’s tariff.

Dobropillia 2

We call residents to be active!

Public consultation is held within the project “Roadmap for Government” that is implemented with the support of National Democratic Institute.