Within of the “Roadmap for Government” project, the third report of the Mayor of Drogobych Taras Kuchma was broadcast live.


Inevitably, the media platform for the report was the most popular in the region of FM radio “Your-radio”. This time, the ether concerned reforms in education and medicine.

Listeners could post their questions by sending a message to Viber, or by placing a comment on live broadcasts on the Facebook network.

In general, the mayor has received more than twenty questions, a large part of which were voiced and there is a high probability that the listeners received comprehensive answers to their questions.

Several thousand listeners on 101.4 waves, about two thousand views in the social network – such a quantitative result of the report.

Recall that in February 2018 the Drohobych city council signed a memorandum of cooperation between Drohobych city council in the person of Mayor Taras Kuchma and the NGO “Institute Respublica” in the person of the coordinator of the “Active Community” in Drohobych Mariia Kulchytska.

 Watch the report in Ukrainian on the link:

A public report is held within the project “Roadmap for Government” that is implemented with the support of National Democratic Institute.