Results of an online conversation with Acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lubomyra Mandziy.

April 23 at 15:00 on Ministry of Health Facebook page  live video broadcast  Acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lubomyra Mandziy  told about public consultations “Quality and affordable preschool education”.

Public consultations took place in November-December 2019 in 6 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv and Ternopil. During this time  500 people and more than 2,400 participants took part in online discussion. In total  2,921 people from 23 regions took part in the public consultations (parents of preschoolers, employees and founders of institutions of preschool education , representatives of public organizations).

Mandziy Reliz

Lubomyra Mandziy drew attention to the following proposals of the participants of the consultations:

  • updating the content of preschool education, creating a safe educational space, highly qualified teachers, partnership with parents and ensuring continuity between preschool and school education as important factors of  raising the level of preschool education
  • According to 34% of the founders of preschool institutions the quality of education is influenced by the creation of a new educational space. Participants stressed the importance of soft loans and the creation of conditions for the installation of private institutions of preschool education.
  • 62% of parents say that the purpose of preschool education is the social and personal development of the child. The most important task is the formation of the child’s communication skills (79% of parents).

A detailed report on the results of the public consultation can be viewed here.

Based on the suggestions and comments heard from the participants of the consultations, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has identified further steps for the development of preschool:

  • updating the regulations on preschool education;
  • development of the concept of education of children of early and preschool age;
  • work on the Basic component of preschool education;
  • the law “On preschool education”.

Note. The public consultations were supported by the National Democratic Institute and the All-Ukrainian Active Community Initiative of the Republic Institute with the support of the United Kingdom Government and the Foundation for Good Governance.