According to a survey conducted by Institute “Respublica”, only 15% of Ukrainians know the deputies of their local council, and even less concern to them with their problems.

Thus, the problems are not solved, communication is lost, and the parties are blaming each other for the accumulation of problems. With this social video, a public organization wants to inspire Ukrainians to contact with deputies more often, speak with them, talk not only about the problems, but also about ideas and projects, which can positively change the city or village.

As Oleksandra Skyba, Deputy Head of Institute “Respublica”, noted, the target of this video is to provoke a discussion among voters and deputies in order to improve the interaction between them: “Of course, there are different deputies. To some of them people constantly come with any questions, even with those they could solve themselves (for example, rubbish in the entrance). But there are deputies to whom people for some reason do not appeal at all. Our global goal is to improve the dialogue between the authorities and the community and bring it to new level, the level of discussion of community development ideas”.

Therefore, on St. Valentine’s Day Institute “Respublica” encourage every citizen to love your deputy and appeal to him/her with the idea of developing your community or city!

С. Пудіч, ролик

“In my opinion, it’s possible to positively change people’s minds only through a positive video content. Therefore, a sarcastic script in the format of musical was written, the main role of which Oleg Karpenko, the famous actor from Odessa, played. This is not a cry, it’s a singing of souls of local deputies, who call for active citizens to start working more efficiently for the benefit of society”, Sergiy Pudich, Filmmaker, said.

According to Sergiy Pudich, this social advertising is a kind of appeal to the activity of citizens, wrapped in the original format of musical.

“With this video I got a jackpot”, Oleg Karpenko, Lead Actor, said. “A social theme which is interesting to me is absolutely necessary. Also, this genre is exciting for me. In essence, it was a vaudeville, a mini-musical. I have never worked in this genre before, but I always wanted to try it. Thanks to the successful selection of filmmaker I succeeded! We rarely see social clips made in this genre. This is practically an exception. I hope that this work by Sergiy Pudich will have an impact on some people”.