Local authorities use public consultations with citizens already in 17 cities of Ukraine.

In Khmelnitskyi a press conference on launching a public consultation took place in the premises of the “ASTAR” Public Organization. The question was asked: IN WHICH REGION OF THE CITY TO MAKE A PLACE FOR PETS? Six micro-districts were proposed for consideration:

  1. Ozerna
  2. Dubove
  3. Rakove
  4. Grechany
  5. Vystavka
  6. Southwest

АГ Хмельницький, ПК (1)

 Choose your answer by using the electronic service “Your Opinion” on the link: https://vdmk.org/4488 or SMS with the text “4488 (space) answer number” to the number 093-177-00-35. SMS price according to your operator’s tariff.

Participants discussed the relevance of this issue for the development of the city, discussed in more detail what such public consultations are and what they are useful for during the press conference. Coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Initiative “Active Community” in Khmelnitsky, Julia Mazur introduced the resource “Your Opinion”. With it, the citizens can express their opinion and choose a micro-district.

 АГ Хмельницький, ПК (1)

“We conduct public consultations, that is, we ask the opinion of the inhabitants. The project is being implemented by the “Active Community” in partnership with the Khmelnytskyi City Council. For today’s consultation we are making a proposal to choose the location of the area for walking animals. The theme is relevant, as the city is growing and there are more and more pets, but no special places where you can spend time with them”, – added the regional coordinator of the “Active Community” Julia Mazur.

АГ Хмельницький, ПК (2)

Participation in the press conference was also attended by representatives of the authorities, public and journalists. The topic of public consultations and the peculiarities of using this tool of engagement sparked a lively discussion among the participants.

Let’s remind, that the long-term project “Roadmap for Government” is realized in 30 cities in the part of the organization of public consultations, among them – 18 regional centers and 12 small cities.

The Project “Roadmap For Government” is being implemented with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI).